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Home is Where Love Lives


Home is about love and care. It's the calm in the storm and the place we seek refuge. I write about home, health, happiness, and homeschooling because these are integral parts of my life. Parts that I want to share with you. I hope you can find words of encouragement here. Words that uplift and help you. 

Hey There!
I'm Lee Ann !

 I'm so glad you're here. Let me tell you a little about myself. I'm blessed to be the wife of 34 years to a wonderful man. I'm also the mom of three special sons and the grandma of two beautiful teen girls. I have always enjoyed my roles as wife, mom, grandma, friend, helper, and teacher and have taken them all very seriously. Since a young age, I've had a deep love for my family, friends, all children, books, writing, and learning. My husband and I were foster parents for over 14 years of special needs children and have been blessed by adopting one of them. 

 Today, we live in a quiet, rural community where I homeschool our 13-year-old son, Ben, and enjoy being an author and entrepreneur.

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